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Otago Peninsula Scenery & Little Blue Penguin Tour (4.5 hours)

Join this evening tour to experience magical moments and watch the smallest penguins - Little Blue Penguins return to their nesting area after day's fishing out in the ocean.

The departure time varies depending the time of the year and daylight as Little Blue Penguins return to the shore once it gets dark.

On this tour you will get picked up at the Octagon, outside Dunedin Visitor Centre to enjoy Otago Peninsula scenery via Highcliff Road and Hooper's inlet where you might see some wading birds.

At the end of the peninsula, before the penguin experience starts you will have some free time to watch albatross gliding if it is windy enough or grab a hot drink or look at the souvenir shop

It is very important to have enough of warmer layers as it often is quite cold to stand for up to an hour to wait for the penguins return.

On the way back you will be taking a different scenic road along the harbour. We do offer a drop off at your accommodation if it is in the city centre.

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